Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cartography for all: Google Earth - One World, Many Stories Project.

Since it's creation Google Earth has made GIS popular and has been a timely boost for rebranding Cartography. People no longer view the world in one dimension and maps have now become more representative of the world we live in. Google Earth enables users to explore the world and contextualise our surroundings, helping to put back the local and global back in Geography.

The news that Google Earth has reached 1 billion users is celebrated by the 'one world many stories' project:

McClendon, now VP of Engineering at Google, looks forward to seeing what the next billion downloads brings. He sees geospatial technology as "not just a tool for those in cartography. It's now a part of our culture to engage deeply with the world around us in a multitude of ways. Using Google Earth and Google Maps is a way to contextualize our surroundings and create a richer view of our place in the world."