Thursday, 6 October 2011

The rise of the BRICS

An interesting visual representation of a complex but hotly debated topic, especially in Superpowers.

Also, the University of Cambridge Judge Business School have two lectures on China and the rise of the BRICS - click the link below:

Questions to consider:

1. How could the growth of the BRICS threaten the existing status quo of superpower status i.e. the core - will the BRICS ever achieve superpower status? Discuss.
2. In what ways and by what means will the BRICS grow?
3. Outline the environmental, economic and social benefits and costs of the rise of the BRICS.
4. Which BRIC is the most important? Which one has all the power? (how would one define power in this context e.g. economic, political etc)
5. Will the growth of the BRICS, notably China, continue?

Further reading/viewing:

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