Sunday, 2 October 2011

World Mapper - re-ordering the world; a new form of Cartography!

An understanding of maps is fundamental to the study of Geography. Geographers by nature are interested in maps and one of my favourite first year modules at university was Cartography as it enabled me to visualise the data spatially and interpret it.

More recently with the advent of GIS and Google Earth/Maps maps have had in my opinion a brief revival, despite the rise of the Sat. Nav!

The worldmapper website certainly adds a new and updated dimension to how we see the world. The maps move away form the traditional and conservative approach of preserving the existing world order of old regimes/empires. In worldmapper, using information form the UN, the world is reshaped to show factors and trends often hidden by traditional  maps.

Enjoy and explore:

GHG emissions

Number of disasters