Thursday, 26 January 2012

First report on UK climate impact

Headlines for possible negative outcomes, assuming nothing is done in preparation, include:
  • Hotter summers leading to between 580-5900 deaths above the average per year by the 2050s.
  • Water shortages in the north, south and east of England, especially the Thames Valley area by the 2080s.
  • Increased damage from flooding could cost between £2.1bn-£12bn by the 2080s.
The report's positive findings include:
  • The melting of Arctic sea ice opening shorter shipping routes to Asia.
  • Milder winters leading to 3,900-24,000 fewer premature deaths by the 2050s, significantly more than those forecast to die as a result of hot weather.
  • Wheat yields to increase by 40-140% and sugar beet yields by 20-70% because of longer growing seasons by the 2050s.