Thursday, 26 January 2012

Too much technology...?

A world without Wikipedia...or even Google?
Just think how panicked you  were the last time your phone died, the TV would not work or the computer had the blue screen of death. We are hooked on technology - we are technocrats not Luddites. This dependency was compounded by the recent Wiki scare; jokes on numerous social network sites (just imagine if they crashed - it is ok I'm joking!) suggested that Phds could not be written and that the media would slowly grind to a halt. But, it did raise the point of the wider question that the young techno-dependent, BB and I Phone hooked, spotify generation really do not know what happened before we could Google or arguably worse, You Tube it. The impatient generation as i refer to them expect things to be done instantaneously and this is also reflected in the business world - markets now do not sleep (neither do some of those that work for them) and it is unsurprising that employees of the Uk are the most workaholic in Europe.  o is technology a good thing...YES of course, but like everything moderation is important and it helps to switch off now and tune out every now and again!