Monday, 30 January 2012

Iran to halt oil sales to ‘some countries’

A great pick form one of my students here (Yager) - this article is a cracker concerning future energy security and what will happen to the 'business as usual' approach if one of the world's emerging unstable superpowers (?) has it's way.

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Iran oil refinery

Here is some of the up to date feedback from a student (Bennet) on the issue:

As if Greece, Spain and Italy don't have enough on their plate.... now they have to find alternative supplies from other oil producers such as Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iraq.The interesting part of this article is firstly the outstanding power these oil producing countries have, almost being able to control a countries decisions but also the future of energy is very exciting with growing geopolitical concerns. I was reading in the New Scientist today an article 'How Clean is Our energy?' where it described energy consumption around the world and if all countries developed (energy consumption wise) to similar levels to the USA, energy demand would rise 10 fold. However with growing use of space travel and other high energy consumption activities, demand will rise over 15 times today's figure.The way forward is sustainable development however for this to occur both top-down and bottom-up approaches are needed soon.

Energy is so unpredictable.......